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Flametec Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt

JACKS FLAMETEC Flame Retardant Conveyor belt has rubber covers that provide good tear, cut, impact and abrasion resistance and is also fire retardant. This is best suit in environments with fire hazards – Self ignition of either conveyed materials or the conveyor belt itself

Tests carried out on JACKS FLAMETEC Flame Retardant Conveyor Belt for determining fire retardant properties ;

  • Electrical conductivity of the belt surface - ISO 284 : 2012 test method

  • Fire propagation test - EN 12881-1 test method

  • Flame test - ISO 340:2013 test method

Jacks FlameTec Spec.png
Jacks FlameTec Spec(1).png
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Main Office


United Kingdom

      Jacks Industries Limited International House 36-38 Cornhill London EC3V 3NG United Kingdom

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